The Top 10 Roads to Avoid in the US

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Rhode Island – Interstate 95

Even if Rhode Island is the smallest state in America, it’s also where some of the most dangerous roads in the country can be found. Along I-95, you will see many highways exists with sharp, sudden curves and poor road design, which causes dozens of crashes and many traffic fatalities every year.

James Dalton Highway – Alaska Dalton Highway

You’ve probably seen the James Dalton Highway featured on “Ice Road Truckers”, or even on “World’s Most Dangerous Roads”. Well, this 414-mile route is known for its extreme road conditions, isolation, and only a couple of gas stations along the way. If by any chance, you happen to move along Dalton Highway in Alaska, you should pack some food and survival supplies just in case you might need them later.

The Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap Road – North Carolina

This 11-mile stretch of road is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and awfully dangerous twists and turns. Bikers and adventurers are gathering at Deals Gap to test their limits, which oftentimes ends in auto accidents. So if you are traveling through North Carolina, make sure you’re being cautious when proceeding to this section of US 129.

Mt. Rose Highway – Nevada

Even if Las Vegas roads are known to be the dangerous ones, the scariest road prize goes to Nevada, for its Mt. Rose Highway. The state route has wonderful scenery between Reno and Lake Tahoe, but it can be super dangerous in the winter. You’d better make sure you have some tire chains and extra snow tires with you, and be careful of the sudden curves in the road.

Highway 17 – South Carolina

Highway 17 in South Carolina is definitely one of the most dangerous roads…during SUMMERTIME! Yes, that’s right: this particularly dangerous coastal highway had no less than 82 traffic fatalities between 2015 and 2017, mostly because of the influx of tourists who visited the east coast, such as Myrtle Beach and Charleston, during summer days.

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