These Are the 10 Most Dangerous Beaches in the US

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10. Capistrano Beach – California

When you think of dangerous beaches, you might have shark attacks and polluted waters in mind, but this is not all. Capistrano Beach might seem interesting and beautiful to the majority of tourists, but it’s actually compromised by air pollution, which surely makes it a no-no destination!

9. Hollywood Beach – Florida 

From the outside looking in, you might think that Hollywood Beach is the perfect holiday destination for those who want to have fun, get a nice and glowy tan, and surf on the blue-colored water. But don’t be so quick to get enthusiastic by the first look – several reports stated that this beach is a place where the crime rate is pretty high.

Besides that, there have been a few shark attacks over the years, and although you might see that the water has a very nice color at the surface, it’s actually really polluted. Experts evaluated the water pollution score at 47.37 out of 100, which is a really big number if you ask us!

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