These Are the 10 Most Dangerous Beaches in the US

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4. Siesta Beach – Florida 

Siesta Beach has beautiful white sand and sparkling blue waters, but tourists might be tempted to go somewhere else if they want to stay away from shark attacks and lightning strike fatalities. And if you are not crazy about the hot weather either, you’ll surely want to go somewhere else since the average temperature on a summer day is 89.5 degrees.

3. Waikiki Beach – Hawaii 

We know what you might be thinking: Hawaii is one of the most exotic and charming vacation spots in the whole United States. But just because it’s tropical and marvelous at first sight doesn’t mean that it’s safe. This gorgeous, almost entirely man-made beach is a magnet for crime, with 440 crimes reported between May and September 2021 and also 198 theft situations.

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