Top 6 Maritime Disasters That Weren’t The Titanic

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We can all agree that the Titanic was a real sad tragedy which had a huge impact on our country and saddened the whole world. However, how come that is the only mediatized and famous case surrounding a maritime disaster?

Maybe because there wasn’t a dramatic/romantic movie made about it?

We’ll never know, but we want to make sure you are aware of them and so we made a list of 6 tragedies that took place in the middle of the ocean.

Take a close look at the these heartbreaking events:

1. Lusitania 

In 1915, the German U-boat torpedoed the RMS Lusitania killing 1,198 passengers and crew. At the beginning of 1900s it was believed to be the most luxurious and beautiful ship there is. The event occurred during a voyage trip from NY to Liverpool.

2. MS Estonia

Because of the bad conditions of the sea the great ship sank in 1994, while traveling from Tallinn to Stockholm on a trip from taking the lives of 852. Only 130 people survived.

3. SS Eastland

The SS Eastland sadly sank in 1914 while preparing for a voyage to Michigan City from Chicago and the cause it is believed to be the poor state of its design and construction. There were 2,500 people on board and more than 800 lost their lives.

4. Saint-Philibert Cruise Ship

This was a small ship and it sadly sank due to the fact that the capacity of passengers was way exceeded.

In 1931 a rough storm began and it forced the passengers to seek shelter behind the casing which caused the cruise ship to sink. Out of 500 people only 8 survived.

5. SS Admiral Nakhimov

The Ukrainian ship collided, in 1986, with another one and sank immediately. The captain of the other maritime giant tried to warn the captain from the Admiral Nakhimov, but he was absent from its position.

More than 400 people died.

6. SS Andrea Doria

As a result of the poor visibility caused by fog the SS Andrea Doria crashed with the eastbound Swedish passenger liner Stockholm. This happened while voyaging to New York and 52 people died.

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