Top 5 Most Violent States to Live in The US

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#1 Alaska

Despite having one of the smallest populations per state, Alaska remains the most dangerous place to live. It has 838 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, 360 more than Michigan in 5th place. Although Alaska is one of just 14 states that saw a fall in violent crime in 2020, its 3.4% drop was not large enough. This is despite the fact that Alaska has high rates of violent crime. The state’s violent crime rate is much more than twice as high as the 398.5 rate for the USA.

With 1,171 violent crimes reported in Anchorage alone, big cities are where most serious crimes are committed. Even though the Anchorage metropolitan region is home to a little over 40% of the state’s population, it nevertheless records close to 60% of all violent crimes.

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