5 Train Routes So Dangerous They’ll Make You Faint

dangerous railways
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1. The Devil’s Nose or “La naris del diablo” – Ecuador

The Devil’s Nose Train is one of the most thrilling routes in the world, and it’s a section of the Transandine Railway that runs through Ecuador from Alausi to Sibambe! You will be able to travel along a zigzagging trail amid vertical cliff sides on this two and a half-hour adventure. As you may imagine, the terrain is hazardous, and initially constructing the railway was quite expensive! Now I wonder: was this a good idea or not? For the economy, indeed, it was because a lot of people pay a lot of money yearly to travel here. And we can’t blame them since the scenery is truly breathtaking.
Can you believe it took this railroad nearly 33 years to be usable? And a lot of the workers died during the process, mostly because of the falls from high ground. This wasn’t the worst part! In the past, a lot of the passengers used to climb on top of the train to take pictures of the surroundings but were decapitated by the electrical cables when the train was in motion. Sheesh! But now, the rules have changed, and all the wagons are closed without the possibility of climbing on top. Smart move, but pity some people had to die to implement this rule!

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