7 Turbulent Flight Routes Seniors Should AVOID at All Costs

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2. Flights Near the Equator

What do Singapore, Hong Kong, Cancun, and Bangkok have in common?

They all experience turbulence due to their status as hot weather areas around the equator. One of the main reasons why turbulence is high here is because of harsh weather conditions, and one factor that can trigger some of these blustery issues is when warm and cold air come into contact.

In fact, when it comes to planes, warm air is known to pose a real threat as far as turbulence is concerned. That’s basically why many of the world’s most turbulence-prone flight paths and airports are located near the Equator, where the weather is usually warm throughout the year.

Additionally, some of these hotspots feature another issue that can lead to turbulence—thunderstorms. They create a rough atmosphere, which can lead to the type of cabin-shaking experience every passenger fears.

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