7 Turbulent Flight Routes Seniors Should AVOID at All Costs

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4. Seoul to Dallas

While the flight route from New York to London may be obvious, chances are you don’t expect a flight from Seoul to Dallas to experience the same level of turbulence. Think again, though.

It’s true that this flight path isn’t as frequently traveled as the Transatlantic one, but it’s a bumpy ride for sure. Some of the factors that contribute to this are the same as in the New York-London example.

The first one would be that when you travel by plane from Seoul to Dallas, you fly over a large body of water. The second reason why your flight on this route may experience turbulence is due to air pockets. According to experts, this flight path is known for having more air pockets than other areas.

Moreover, according to the University of Reading, climate change will continue to increase the frequency of air pockets by about 149%. In other words, the frequency of air pockets is about to increase, so you may want to think again if you want to fly from Seoul to Dallas or vice versa.

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