7 Turbulent Flight Routes Seniors Should AVOID at All Costs

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5. Flights into Reno, Nevada

Las Vegas may be the most popular destination among Nevada cities, but it’s Reno that makes our list—though flight passengers there undoubtedly wish it didn’t.

The interesting reason Reno is on this list is that it seems to “fly in the face” of several factors we’ve already mentioned. Firstly, while Nevada isn’t as rocky as the Rocky Mountain area of neighboring Colorado, it isn’t as flat as Nebraska either. Not to mention that even though Nevada isn’t completely free of harsh weather, it doesn’t have the bad reputation of other states in the Continental United States.

So you may wonder why Reno makes one of the rockiest flight rides in the continental US. Well, here’s your answer: the area is quite prone to rough air pockets, making this one of the most turbulent air paths upon landing.

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