5 US States Most Likely to Get Hit by Natural Disasters

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Texas is definitely at the top of the list of states with terrible natural disasters due to its location. And because of that, the cost of living and all the expenses that include home insurance are skyrocketing. For example, do you remember Hurricane Harvey? This was a climate disaster that cost Texas more than $1 billion in damages. It struck the state in 2017 and is regarded as the second-most expensive tropical cyclone, costing the United States around $149 billion.

Hold on tight to your hats, because meteorologists say that 2023 is not going to be a good year for Texans. It will rain more than usual during the spring season, continuing with some amazingly hot days throughout the entire summer. And since winter is not over yet, prepare for some “chilly” (to put it mildly) temperatures, but on a brighter note, they won’t be as extreme as they were in 2021, when the freeze caused almost $195 billion in economic damages.

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