5 US States That Will Have EXTREME Weather This Year

south dakota
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No.5:  South Dakota

We start out our list with South Dakota, but this should not make you turn a blind eye. Even in the last few years, extreme weather has been something that residents of this state have been dealing with on a yearly basis. And while experts give it an extreme weather score of 64.5 out of 100, it is still significant when we think about what this actually means.

South Dakota can be a state of extremes. With boiling hot temperatures during the warm months, with the maximum temperature recorded recently reaching 120°F, it can sometimes be easy to ignore the way winter comes to wreak parts of the state come the cold month. Not only have they recorded the minimum temperature of -58°F, which sounds horrible just when you think of the number, but they have also gotten about 52 inches of snowfall in a 24-hour period.

At least their annual tornado count isn’t that bad, with about 4.8 per 10,000 square miles, but it’s still quite high.

And with how unpredictable the weather has been lately, who knows what the numbers will be in the next few years?

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