5 US States That Will Have EXTREME Weather This Year

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No.4: Colorado

Colorado’s score when it comes to extreme weather does not seem to be that much higher than the one that South Dakota can boast with, as it sits at about 67. And these 2.5 points, while they may seem easy to discredit, actually mean a lot when you look at the other numbers.

When it comes to winters, Colorado has had to endure even lower temperatures, which have reached an all-time minimum of around -61°F, and they have also gotten around 75.8 inches of snow in 24 hours, which is 23.8 inches more than South Dakota had! Talk about being buried under snow. You have a pretty good chance of being snowed in if the weather is especially finicky.

They do end up fairly better in the heat department lately, with the highest temperature being only 115°F, but let’s be honest. It is still way too hot to do anything outside!

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