Warning: Americans Should Prepare for an Earthquake (5 Tips)

earthquake safety measures
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1. If you are indoor, stay indoor!

The first “golden rule” in case of an earthquake is that if it catches you inside, please stay inside! Doing this will help you stay safe and reduce your chances of getting hurt. If your house has more than one room, avoid running to other rooms while the earthquake is happening. You don’t know what furniture, a bookcase, or even walls may fall off and get you stuck. In fact, if it’s possible and the space allows it, depart from the windows, hanging objects, light fixtures, and hardware with doors that might swing open. Get anything to protect your head and face from flying debris and shattered glass if it’s close.

Hold on and remain in bed, using a pillow to support your head. If you stay put, your risk of getting hurt is lower. Contrary to what you think, try to avoid standing in the doorway as much as you can! You are actually safer behind a table. Why? because entrances in the majority of homes constructed after 2000 are not very sturdy. And last but not least, please remain calm!

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