Warning: Americans Should Prepare for an Earthquake (5 Tips)

earthquake safety measures
photo by Dudarev Mikhail from Shutterstock

3. In case you are in your car pull over!

A lot of people tend to make the frequent mistake of moving while they’re in their car. But don’t do that! It’s super dangerous, plus it’s not safe at all! To avoid hitting overhead wires, utility poles, or under- or overpasses, move your automobile to the shoulder or the curb.
Set the parking brake while remaining inside the vehicle. Even though an automobile may shake uncontrollably on its suspension, you should remain there until the shaking ceases. Don’t forget to turn on the radio for information on emergency broadcasts.

Only after the earthquake has passed can you slowly get out of your car, but not before checking if a power line fell or if there are any holes in the pavement. In case you have to go on a bridge, try to find out if it’s still safe! If you have kids in the car with you, ask them to stay in the car until you’re sure the area is safe and clear.

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