Warning: Americans Should Prepare for an Earthquake (5 Tips)

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4. Never use the elevator or the stairs!

Believe it or not, a lot of people who were stubborn enough to get out of the building by using the elevator or the stairs didn’t end up very well. The majority of them were seriously injured, and many others died. In most cases, especially in newly constructed buildings, elevators are programmed to shut down in case of an earthquake.

5. If you are in a concert venue (or a theater) stay in your seat!

Please remain seated until the shaking stops if you were in a theater or music hall with seats when the earthquake struck. Using your arms or another method, shield your head and neck.
After it’s over, gently exit the building while keeping an eye out for anything that might collapse during the aftershocks!

What to do after the earthquake is over:

After the danger has passed, check yourself and your loved ones to see if you have any wounds. In case you were outside, stay away from damaged buildings and the seaside. A lot of the time, tsunamis strike after an earthquake! Expect aftershocks, which can be quite powerful in some cases; remain vigilant and cautious!

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