WARNING: These 6 US Cities Might Be Underwater by 2050

Key West, Florida
Photo by Stuart Monk from shutterstock.com

1. Key West, Florida

The beautiful city of Key West doesn’t disappoint its citizens with its beauty, and many people book a vacation there just to enjoy spending some time on those sandy beaches and exploring and having fun in the clear waters.

However, as pretty as it is, the fact that it’s placed on an island makes it a victim of flooding. Researchers say that by 2060, roughly 60% of the livable land can actually get flooded. And that is not all: by 1200, the percentage is going to get even higher, to nearly 95%.

So if you’ve always dreamed of seeing the exquisite Mallory Square or Hemmingway’s house, now’s your chance to do it because things are going to change.

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3 thoughts on “WARNING: These 6 US Cities Might Be Underwater by 2050”

  1. This one is at least believable, seeing as though the entire city is below sea level, with the Gulf waters being held back by the levees. Sure, those levees could break again, though they’re under control of the Army COE.

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