WARNING: These 6 US Cities Might Be Underwater by 2050

Seattle, Washington
Photo by Sean Pavone from shutterstock.com

2. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the prettiest cities in the United States and is also one of the most expensive ones. However, as well as the people who live there know how to deal with the massive amounts of rain, experts say that things are more likely to change over time.

According to different researchers and climatologists, a few parts of the city are more likely to be flooded by 2050. Some of the places that might be underwater in a couple of years include Golden Gardens, South Park, Interbay, Georgetown, and Harbor Island. Visit it while you can!

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3 thoughts on “WARNING: These 6 US Cities Might Be Underwater by 2050”

  1. This one is at least believable, seeing as though the entire city is below sea level, with the Gulf waters being held back by the levees. Sure, those levees could break again, though they’re under control of the Army COE.

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