WARNING: These 6 US Cities Might Be Underwater by 2050

Charleston Central, South Carolina
Photo by Sean Pavone from shutterstock.com

3. Charleston Central, South Carolina

Charleston Central is also one of the most visited places in the United States, but little do people know that it might be the victim of flooding. In the past couple of years, this lovely historic district has been hit by many tropical storms that caused panic among citizens and caused cruise ships to divert and flood the streets.

Of course, we might say that all these storms are nothing but a bit of extra rain, but if researchers do their studies correctly, many parts of charming Charleston, South Carolina, might be underwater in the next few decades.

For instance, experts believe that by the year 2060, roughly a quarter of the livable land will be flooded, and the percentage will keep rising until half of the city is underwater by 2100. So if you’re passionate about history and architecture, that’s your clue to visit this fantastic city while you can!

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3 thoughts on “WARNING: These 6 US Cities Might Be Underwater by 2050”

  1. This one is at least believable, seeing as though the entire city is below sea level, with the Gulf waters being held back by the levees. Sure, those levees could break again, though they’re under control of the Army COE.

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