Will The Chinese Spy Balloon Start a War With China?

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Not the first time 

Last May, Politico declared that the Pentagon spent no less than $3.8 million on balloon projects over the last couple of years, and it plans to spend over $27 million on inflatable tech this fiscal year.

As the report showed, the balloons are meant to collect data and offer information to aircraft, and they might be even used to scan different hypersonic weapons developed in China and Russia. In case you are wondering just how good and accurate is the data, we could tell you upfront that the level of detail is…astounding.

All countries must unite to prevent a terrible war amid China-US tensions

As the Australian foreign affairs minister, Penny Wong, declared recently, all countries need to play an important role to prevent an unwanted war in the Indo-Pacific region. As the tensions between the United States and China are increasing, Wong admitted that the region seems to become “more dangerous and volatile”.

What’s even worse is that she’s not the only one to believe that. According to a blunt memo made by one of the best U.S. generals, an open conflict between China and America could be only two years away. These alarming predictions are increasingly worse, as the world’s two leading military powers risk a direct, upfront collision, mostly caused by the fate of Taiwan.

The warning was made by a top Air Force commander, General Michael A. Minihan, who mentioned the fact that the Chinese leader Xi Jinping managed to secure his third term, and the January 2024 presidential elections in Taiwan are getting closer.

In other circumstances, there would be nothing uncommon in these two events, right? Except for the fact that the Chinese government claims the self-leading island to be its territory. In these circumstances, accelerating troop preparations becomes a necessity.

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