Will The Chinese Spy Balloon Start a War With China?

Photo by Kosorukov Dmitry from Shutterstock

Why is the U.S. military increasingly worried about China?

Some believe that the urgency in countering the Chinese military threat is generally tied to the ambition of Xi. When it comes to Taiwan, which is by far the most sensitive issue in this bilateral relationship, Xi declared that the issue can’t be passed down from generation to generation (sounds familiar? check Putin’s reasons for starting a war in Ukraine).

Even if the idea of “peaceful reunification” still remains the Communist Party’s preferred solution to all the disagreements with Taipei, the party never really abandoned the idea of using force, if necessary. In fact, Xi said so at the latest meeting with his top party officials.

By deciding to keep the option open, China wants to ruin “Taiwan independence forces”, but also its “foreign interference”, meaning the United States.

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