Will The Chinese Spy Balloon Start a War With China?

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China blames the United States

According to Beijing, the United States is completely to blame for all the current diplomatic and military tensions. There’s even an official document about China’s Taiwan strategy, that was later released by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who was the highest-ranking U.S. politician to visit the island since 1997), which accused Washington of “using Taiwan to contain China”.

How is the Chinese military now?

Under Xi as a leader, China’s military rapidly evolved towards its goal of becoming one of the best fighting forces in the world by 2050. Chinese troops have 0 combat experience, as the last war China fought was a short, but extremely bloody conflict with Vietnam in 1979. However, it seems that the official defense budget has increased from $114.3 billion to $230 billion. Of course, the real number is probably much higher than that. However, it’s still only a fraction of how much America spends, which was recently set up at $816.7 billion for this fiscal year.

China’s military modernization strategy is meant to occupy Taiwan by force. That’s the primary objective. Even more, it seems that the People’s Liberation Army (the official name of the Chinese army) has rapidly increased in force in the last couple of months. As a response to Pelosi’s visit in August, China practiced a blockade of Taiwan, by firing its missiles and sending many battleships and warplanes everywhere on the main island.

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