4 Worst Animal Caused Disasters in History

Image By Holger Kirk From Shutterstock

#1 The biblical locusts of 1875

We’ve all heard the Bible’s warning that locusts will descend and devour everything in their path. Yet, we doubt that it will actually happen. However, the United States has already seen such a ravaging situation back in 1875, when a swarm of locusts came and swarmed over the whole country! You may think we are exaggerating, but the swarm was actually 1,800 miles long and about 110 miles wide, and they took over the American sky like a dark cloud!

But why are they so scary? While we may think that they’re slightly bigger than grasshoppers, these insects are actually known for how fast they spread and how fast they can devastate a whole field of crops! You can imagine just how devastating this huge swarm was in 1875!

It took them five days to come and go and “Albert’s swarm” (as one physician documented it), and they completely destroyed the crops in Texas, Minnesota, and California. And they didn’t just eat the crops; they also feasted on trees and fibers, and some even ate parts of fences!

We haven’t seen anything like it before, and hopefully, we never will!

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