4 Worst Animal Caused Disasters in History

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#3 Fire Mice

You probably did not know, but mice are actually behind most of those fires “caused by unknown sources”. This just adds to the fact that mouse infestations are no joke and that getting rid of the tiny rodents is a very hard task. However, besides the germs and viruses that they can bring to your home or to your area, they can also accidentally set your whole home on fire.

If you know there are mice around your property, it is in your best interest to either ask the landlord to call pest control or to do it yourself if you are the owner. Even if you haven’t come in contact with them directly or they haven’t bothered you! Mice are known to like to gnaw on everything, including electrical wires! And once those wires are exposed, anything can cause them to spark, and it only takes one tiny one to spark a huge fire!

So next time you hear about a fire that started for unknown reasons or out of the blue, do keep in mind that a tiny little mouse may have been the reason for which a whole building burned down. What’s more, this is a problem that will keep existing for as long as we have electricity!

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