5 Worst Passenger Planes You Could Ever Fly With

Photo by Jag_cz from shutterstock.com


This came as a shock for many of us, but China wasn’t very prompt when it comes to the aviation games. Sources say that the 1st commercial airplane China has ever built is COMAC ARJ21, which was only settled in 2008.

It seems that the reason why people didn’t really like their ride was that the plane is a lot louder than they imagined. It might not sound like a pretty big deal at 1st, but if you have a long flight and you need to catch up on work on your laptop, you have all the chances to be annoyed sooner or later.

So if you ever travel with COMAC ARJ21 for more than a couple of hours, don’t forget to take your earplugs or a pair of noise-canceling headphones with you!

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