5 Worst Passenger Planes You Could Ever Fly With

Photo by FrimuFilms from shutterstock.com

2. Airbus A380

Even though it might seem that Airbus A380 is an engineering wonder, which actually is, TBH, there are still cons to this gigantic airplane. But the issue that makes people stay away from this aircraft is actually its infrastructure.

Given the fact that the airplane is so massive, not a lot of airports can actually accommodate it. Moreover, a lot of passengers noticed that it was very complicated to get in and out of the plane. Not that the space is tiny, but because it only has 2 doors, they had to stay in queues to go to their seats or outside.

Just imagine a couple of hundreds of people patiently waiting to get in and out of the plane. Not to mention, the fact that it can accommodate so many passengers, is actually hard for all of them to find a place to put their carry-ons.

Have you ever traveled with Airbus A380? What was your experience like? Tell us in the comments!

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