Dorling Kindersley – 2000

From the outset in 1974 (Christopher) Dorling and (Peter) Kindersley were successful hook packagers (they created finished books for other companies to publish). They specialized in large-format, heavily illustrated books on almost any subject. By 1982 they themselves had become publishers, internationally famous for ‘visual guides’ which made complex non-fiction subjects readily accessible. Typical of …

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Nick Leeson and the Collapse of Barings Bank – 1995

Baring Brothers was Britain’s oldest merchant bank, founded in 1762. It collapsed when a single employee committed the bank to losses of roughly £830 million, which it could not cover. Embarrassingly, Barings had only itself to blame. Its culture had evolved from the collision between its own illustrious history and the contemporary, ruthless avarice typified …

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