Massacres Archive

Waco Siege – 1993


In 1990, when he took control of the Branch Davidians religious cult, David Koresh believed he was an angel with a direct channel to God. Disillusioned ex-members accused him retrospectively of offences that brought him under the intense scrutiny...

Batticaloa – 1990


The uneasy relationship between Tamils and Sinhala has persisted for centuries, with cyclical exchanges of political power effected by means including war, economic dependence and turning-a-blind-eye coexistence. Periodically, the opposition explodes in frenzied violence – at which both sides...

Hungerford – 1987


In America, it is called a ‘spree killing’. In the UK, nothing like it had ever happened before, so it was known simply as ‘the biggest mass murder in British history’ – which was not technically true, but represented...