The Most Notorious States for Robbery: A Ranking

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How many of you live in these dangerous states? 

How safe is really safe in today’s world? Well, that’s debatable because the population and land area of the United States are huge. Given the size and diversity of the population, state-by-state variations exist in statistics like crime.

Based on present FBI statistics, it appears that the District of Columbia came in first. The taking or trying to remove something of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or individuals by force, threat of force, violence, and/or by instilling fear in the victim is what the FBI classifies as robbery.

See which 10 states in America have the highest rates of violent crime to find out which ones are the most unsafe.

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1 thought on “The Most Notorious States for Robbery: A Ranking”

  1. Lack of capital punishment for gun crimes and other murder, lax judges who need to be removed and disbarred, gun control laws, drug tolerance, liberal history-removing “woke” mayors are all part of the formula for high crime cities like DC, NY, LA, SF, Chicago IL, New Orleans LA, Baltimore MD, Richmond VA, Memphis TN, Detroit MI, Philadelphia PA, Boston MA, and many more…

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