COVID Aftermath: 2 DEVASTATING Side Effects of the Vaccine

Covid Aftermath
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Are Covid Vaccinations really THAT Safe?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had devastating effects across the board, impacting our lives. Luckily, experts were quick to come up with life-saving vaccines in answer to the epidemic that started in 2019.

As we might have expected, the vaccines, like any other, weren’t without a few side effects, the majority of which are pretty standard when compared to the flu or any other shots. We’re specifically talking about headaches, mild fever, and minor pain at the injection site.

But there are a few less common side effects that can affect your entire body. For example, according to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, over 400 people experienced skin reactions after one or two shots of the mRNA vaccine in the winter of 2021.

The most common reactions included large, localized symptoms like rashes and hives. Sounds scary, right?…  We’re not done. Continue reading to see the other ways in which the vaccine might have affected you!

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6 thoughts on “COVID Aftermath: 2 DEVASTATING Side Effects of the Vaccine”

    1. My son got. of all things kidney stone! He would lose his job if he didn’t take it. That horrified me . thank for sharing.

  1. Ludmilla Zenfildmann

    I gained 20 more years after the second shot. Also, I went twice to the emergency room because I had an enormous skin rash. I still can not recuperate, I just started to have rheumatism but after a shot, I got a full-blown disease. A normal blood test is 6-11, mine was 14, but after the Covid-19 shot it went to 66 points of rheumatism, so I hardly walk, gain weight, and have more problems with it.

  2. I wondered about that? so many young people had strokes, drop dead,paralyzed . Changed DNA? This is scary! Then force it in to our body? terrifying.

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