5 Ways The Republican Party Destroyed America

Republican party
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Do you think that America is destroyed?

If you ask someone from the Republican party about how things are going in the United States, they’re more likely to tell you that the most destructive things that happened were due to those from the Democratic party.

Of course, the same thing would also happen if you talked to people who support the Democratic Party. Probably a lot of them would blame the Republican Party for all those things they don’t agree with.

However, let’s take a step back and discuss more about the Republicans for a few moments. If you were into politics in the 2010s, you probably noticed that things seemed to be better for the Republicans at the end of the decade compared to when it started. In 2019, the Grand Old Party (GOP) had control of the Senate and the White House, but things kept changing throughout the years.

Experts say that the GOP is a bit weaker compared to how it was in 2010, so if you want to know the entire story, you should definitely click on the next page. Did the Republican Party destroy America? Let’s find out together!

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