4 Viral Threats Worse Than the New Coronavirus

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Have you ever considered that there were even more dangerous viruses before COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into a frenzy and uprooted everything we knew about viral diseases. However, the pandemic is not over yet, and with the new variation of COVID-19, which was unfortunately named the Kraken strain, we see new and “improved” versions of the virus. Each new variant is more viral, more contagious, and more aggressive, and it just seems like we will never be free from it.

But have you ever considered that we have been living with such aggressive and dangerous viruses all our lives, but we simply did not pay attention to them? In the Western world, we still have a lot of contagious viruses, but they are not as prevalent as they once were. They seem to either be a problem for other parts of the world, so we tend to forget about them because we haven’t been dealing with them, or they do exist, but because they do not impact us directly, it seems like they are just not important.

To refresh our memories and ensure that we are vigilant about our health and environment even when there is no new COVID-19 strain threatening our lives, we have compiled a list of the most infectious and dangerous viruses out there that are worse than the Kraken variant!

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