4 Viral Threats Worse Than the New Coronavirus

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While a lot of people have heard about the disease, unless they have to deal with it directly, they do not pay it much attention. In reality, viral hepatitis caused around 1.34 million deaths all over the world in 2015, and, when compared to other diseases, the mortality rate because of this virus has increased by 22% since 2000. We can only imagine how much worse it has gotten since.

The hepatic virus manifests in five types of hepatitis. However, the ones that are responsible for about 96% of deaths related to hepatitis are hepatitis B and C. The other three (hepatitis A, D, and E) are also common, but they are not often the cause of death. The virus attacks your liver, causing chronic liver disease and even liver cancer, which are the leading causes of death associated with hepatitis patients.

Around the world, approximately 325 million people live with viral hepatitis, and scientists have found that about 1.75 million people end up infected with hepatitis C every single year.

There are vaccines against hepatitis B and medicine for hepatitis C, but a lot of people do not realize they are infected with the virus due to the fact that tests for hepatitis are not affordable or easy to get for most patients and vulnerable people. Because of this, a lot of the people who would need treatment do not have access to it, and this is part of what makes hepatitis such a dangerous and deadly disease.

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