From Conflict Zones to Crime Hotspots: The World’s Most Dangerous Countries in 2024

Let’s talk about the world’s most dangerous countries in 2024!

If you want to book an international vacation this year, there are a couple of countries you should stay away from. While all these nations are beautiful and worth visiting, the times we live in don’t make them that friendly. From security, climate change, and health to military problems, these countries should probably stay on your waiting list for a few more years.

We want you to always be safe and happy when you’re on vacation, so we’ve talked to experts, and they shared with us more insight on the scary things that happen in each of the dangerous destinations. Without further ado, here are the unsafest countries in the world in 2024!

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1. Somalia

While Somalia is a gorgeous country with out-of-the-world landscapes, it might not be safe for visitors. Known for the piracy issues in the Somali Basin, this beautiful nation is considered scary by many people due to the illegal attacks on merchant ships.

Maritime security is a big problem there, but that’s not all. Somalia is also the victim of internal conflicts, a lack of stability within its people, and terrorism. If you don’t want to feel anxious and alert all the time and prefer to relax during your vacation, it might be best to skip this destination in 2024.

2. South Sudan

Another beautiful country that faces critical situations every day is South Sudan. Unfortunately, this nation is known for its political and ethnic conflicts, famine, and humanitarian crises.

Analysts believe that the reason for these severe issues is the consistent struggle for power that has led to several human rights violations as well as countless internally displaced people, including refugees. Moreover, experts say that the low level of economic development makes citizens engage in violent crimes and extremism.

…Keep reading to discover other terrifying countries you should skip on your vacation this year!

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3. Yemen

Yemen is another lovely country that is considered dangerous by many people due to the armed struggle between government forces and rebels. Experts say that some of the main causes of the humanitarian catastrophe are Yemen’s low level of development and widespread starvation.

Moreover, the hostilities have destroyed infrastructure and reduced the quality of life for the population. If you’d like to visit this country, be careful because life isn’t easy there.

4. Ukraine

Ukraine has faced continuous social, economic, and political instability since 2022, due to Russia’s armed invasion. Thousands of people lost their lives and hundreds of thousands were injured trying to defend their country, but the battle isn’t over yet.

The war in Ukraine caused people to leave their nation and move to safer places, but that’s not all. Entire cities were destroyed, and places where the war didn’t cause physical harm now face political contradictions, low living standards, and corruption.

5. Afghanistan

We continue with these dangerous countries to visit and this time we have to talk about Afghanistan. This nation has faced security and political turbulence for many years and is known for its ongoing Afghan conflict and terrorist threats.

Other things that make people pass when it comes to visiting this country are the low economic development, corruption, and human rights issues.

6. Syria

The civil war in Syria was a years-long battle that led to several disasters in the country, such as human suffering, destruction, and population displacement. Experts think the nation is an arena of clashes between external and internal actors that can’t agree on the same values, which creates a complicated geopolitical environment.

Another thing that makes people terrified to visit Syria is the presence of terrorist organizations that are active in the region. What do you think about these countries? Did you know about all the problems they have to face?

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7. Libya

Libya is considered a dangerous country by many people due to the constant instability that followed the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. This change was the start of lots of conflicts, and the situation there is quite unpredictable.

Libya is among the most hazardous countries in Africa because of the disintegration of political systems, the existence of armed groups, and widespread terrorism.

8. Iraq

The last country on our list is Iraq, and the reason why it is considered hazardous is because of the threat from terrorist groups and the presence of continuous conflict.

Experts say that Iraq faces additional security concerns due to the possibility of extremists returning to their land following the departure of Iraqi soldiers from Syria.

What do you think about this article? If you know of any other dangerous countries and we didn’t include them on our list, let us know in the comments.

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