6 Shocking Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster

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Picture perfect? I wouldn’t hurry to say that, especially in these cases. I honestly can’t believe how fragile our lives are, and it takes only a few seconds until everything we knew is completely gone. This was also the case for all these people that we’re about to mention in our article right on the next page!

These are only some rare moments when the last seconds of their lives were caught on camera. I am curious what you think about each and every story, because honestly, while I am writing this article, I have shivers down my spine! Let’s start with one of the saddest things ever.

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3 thoughts on “6 Shocking Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster”

  1. Elizabeth Fucci

    How can I forget the horrible day of September 11, 2001? I was doing my normal morning routine of an hour on my treadmill, watching the news on TV, when, suddenly, the cameras all shifted to NY’s World Trade Center and the first tower being struck. To say I felt the shock would be an understatement. My treadmill had a chest-strap that kept track of my heart-rate, and the moment I saw the plane hitting the towers, my treadmill slowed almost to a stop! I stood there, aghast at what I saw, unwilling to accept it, knowing that it was real. All these years later, I still feel an odd sense of shock just in recalling the incident. Extreme sorrow is so inadequate when reflecting on this outrage.

    1. We witnessed pure evil that day. Human being do not perpetrate such an act – demons do. Never forget. NEVER FORGIVE!!!!!

    2. That was a terrible day for me too!! It was my birthday, and I was on vacation in Baltimore, MD at the Inner Harbor. Watching the news on tv, in my hotel room and having my morning coffee. My girlfriend was in the shower. There was a breaking news story in NY, and I saw the first tower on fire. When the second tower got hit, I let out a gasp and screamed oh no!! My girlfriend ran into the room, wondering why I had screamed!! We both stood there, in shock and total silence!! I still feel sadness and an uneasiness every birthday now. I also watch the videos every year!! NEVER FORGET!!

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