COVID Aftermath: 2 DEVASTATING Side Effects of the Vaccine

Covid Aftermath
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Which symptoms are worse… for the first or second shot?

It turns out that for AstraZeneca, side effects are more common after the first shot. Adverse effects were reported milder and less frequent after the second dose. On the other hand, for the Pfizer vaccine, the opposite seems to be true.

Side effects like fever, chills, fatigue and headaches were much more common after the second dose of the vaccine. Researchers are baffled by this phenomenon.

But it can be due to the fact that the AstraZeneca vaccine has an adenovirus vector, stimulating the immune system heavily in the first dose and less in the second.

…Now, let’s go into detail about how the vaccine can negatively affect you.

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6 thoughts on “COVID Aftermath: 2 DEVASTATING Side Effects of the Vaccine”

    1. My son got. of all things kidney stone! He would lose his job if he didn’t take it. That horrified me . thank for sharing.

  1. Ludmilla Zenfildmann

    I gained 20 more years after the second shot. Also, I went twice to the emergency room because I had an enormous skin rash. I still can not recuperate, I just started to have rheumatism but after a shot, I got a full-blown disease. A normal blood test is 6-11, mine was 14, but after the Covid-19 shot it went to 66 points of rheumatism, so I hardly walk, gain weight, and have more problems with it.

  2. I wondered about that? so many young people had strokes, drop dead,paralyzed . Changed DNA? This is scary! Then force it in to our body? terrifying.

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