4 Devastating Fires That Were Started By Accident

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Photo by Toa55 from shutterstock.com

Dangerous and deadly fires have started to emerge almost every month in different corners of the world.

Some of them are the result of Global Warming, however some of them are accidentally caused by either careless or downright stupid people.

Here are 4 fires caused by accident that lead to serious and irreparable damage:

Wallow Fire (2011)

This was the largest fire in Arizona’s history. It started after two men were camping in the Bear Wallow Wilderness and their campfire was out of control.

Resulting in more than half a million acres destroyed, $72 million used to extinguish the aggressive flames and $30 million to rebuild and clean the affected area.

Thousands of people had to evacuate and more than 50 buildings were ruined.

Brandenburg Fire (2018)

The Brandenburg Fire took place in Germany and destroyed over 1,000 acres and three villages nearby had to be evacuated.

The smoke coming from it was so bad, people in Berlin (located 12 miles away from Brandenburg) had to shut their doors and windows.

Police had reason to believe the disaster was started by someone, and what was worse was that the area was full of undetonated munitions from the World War II, which started to go off because off the heat.

El Dorado Fire (2020)

This fire burned more than 22,000 acres in California, destroyed 10 buildings and damaged 6 more and took the life of a fireman.

This tragic event started because of a gender reveal party. Yes, you read that correctly.

In case you are unfamiliar with the term, a gender reveal party is a party through which friends and relatives of a couple who’s expecting find out the gender of the baby.

These parties started to be more and more extravagant to the point where it started a tragedy. A pyrotechnic device was at fault for the flames that followed.

Uttarakhand fires (2016)

These took place in India, in the Himalayan Region of Uttarakhand to be more exact. That area was known for fires caused by humans, but what’s more shocking is that in that year 1,600 fires took place there.

It was believed that they were started by people who were trying to scare off animals in the region while they were collecting seeds or honey or by those who were engaging in illegal timbering activities.

Ecologists suggest cleaning the forest floor in order from fallen pine needles to prevent future fires.

Warning: Never leave a fire unattended in the wilderness, learn how to safely make a campfire and how to efficiently dampen it and don’t do any extravagant things for a gender reveal party.

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