6 Things From Space That Could Kill Us All

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Photo by Naeblys from shutterstock.com

Space is a mysterious place, full of still unexplored territories and of dangerous possibilities. We made several tremendous discoveries and developments over the course of history, however while we don’t know everything about space, we are aware of the many threats out there.

We are tiny creatures living in a huge and enigmatic universe and at any time, even though we have come this far, we could be ended by anything coming from space.

There are few possible scenarios which could end humans in a blink of an eye.

If you don’t know what we are talking and you like to stay informed about near-catastrophic events read the full story down below.

1. An asteroid could hit the Earth- the most realistic case that could happen (just ask the dinosaurs….oh wait….)

2. A powerful enough solar storm could end us 

3. We know for sure that the sun will die in more than 7 billion years from now on and with it, the Earth will too

4. Supernovas if close enough to us could explode and cause tremendous damage

5. Gamma ray bursts are another possibility

6. If random, unpredicted stars, black holes or stellar remains enter our Solar System it could gravitationally impact the Earth and end humanity

And last, but not least…

7. Aliens

We’re joking…Or are we?

Final Word

These 6 different scenarios are not some conspiracies, these are real facts which we should keep in mind. There’s not much we can do to prevent these possible events, we are not even sure they will ever occur.

However, like in every real life event, one thing is for  sure that being: there’s always a 50/50 probability. We are not big believers in chances and odds, but the math speaks for itself.

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