Nuclear Bombs Might Hit These 6 U.S. Cities, Experts Say

Which are the 6 U.S. cities most likely to be attacked in case of a nuclear war?

Nuclear Bomb
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The disaster that nobody is prepared for: a nuclear bomb striking the U.S. Although this is very unlikely to happen, specialists do not take it out of the equation. The unstable political situation between the U.S. and North Korea, but Russia as well, represents a real threat to our country, so here you can find the 6 most likely cities to be directly affected.

Given the context, many of us believed that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine would be over by now. But surprisingly enough, Ukraine has put up a huge fight against its opponent. Because many countries stand with Ukraine and are against war, including the U.S., Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has become more and more aggressive and is threatening those who take action in this conflict.

With Ukraine not being part of NATO, there’s not much that can be done to help its army. However, multiple regions and companies have tried to help in other ways. For example, the U.S. and its companies have taken actions to destabilize Russia’s economy, in an attempt to stop the war. Such sanctions include: closing down stores in Russia, sending money, equipment, ammunition, and things that can help resist the invasion.

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52 thoughts on “Nuclear Bombs Might Hit These 6 U.S. Cities, Experts Say”

  1. If Ukraine falls to the Russia invasion, and it no doubt will, and has to concede to Russia’s demands, if the US and NATO does not intercede with with military power. The free world will have given Russia and all its allies control over the entire world. Right now Russia seems to have the free world, over a Nuclear Barrel, Russia has been threating the free world for 70 plus years of Nuclear destruction but the ironic fact is that Russia will suffer mass destruction also, no body wins. Maybe its time we stand up to Russia, talk tough like they do. the world is watching what the US is going to do. This is the hour of decision for the free world, if we do not help Ukraine now in victory over Russia, The US has just handed over our place as a world power to Russia and the free world, as we now enjoy is lost forever.

    1. Edmund, I must agree with you. As soon as Putin played the nuclear card the talking heads took a step back. I am as afraid of a Nuclear war, the same as everyone else, BUT if we continue to let this *** man continue to carry out his war crimes and thumb his noise at the world, NO one is safe. He must be stopped NOW with any means possible, and if that means a few people must die in the process, “the few out weight the needs of the many”, Spock. Then it is time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. We do not have the president in place to resolve this issue. I think we are going to reap the consequences because of it.

    3. We should not escalate the Ukraine war into a nuclear conflict because:
      1. Both the US and Russia can be destroyed. But Russia is a poor country with no valuable infrastructure while NY, DC, San Francisco have a lot of population and valuable infrastructure.
      2. Ukraine is thousands of miles away from us, so there is no threat to the US. Besides, it used to be part of the USSR before it broke up in 1991.
      3. Putin only asked for Ukraine not to be admitted into NATO for stopping the invasion. It would be fool- hardy to risk a nuclear war, just for the sake of Ukraine’s NATO membership.
      4. I think Putin is not bluffing. We should stop processing Ukraine’s NATO membership now until such time as the political conditions become favorable.
      5. Risking the lives of Americans and the world’s largest economy for the sake of enabling Ukraine to exercise its rights to join NATO is not a wise idea.

    4. I believe that is exactly what the USA is doing now by sending long range missiles to Ukraine and other equipment like drones. Ukraine has had a few donations of fighter jets from wealthy individuals and ultimately could use more of everything: ammo, guns, drones, ect… and hopefully the supply of defensive materials will continue to expel Russia back to their borders. Russia has arrogant Putin who feels none of us have the right to exist and he is a delusional idiot that needs to be eradicated from planet Earth as so many of these dictators across the globe. But we can handle one at a time. Forever the world can’t afford to back down with the constant barrage of aggressive behaviors coming from Russia that are inexplicable and devastating causing destruction and instability across the world. The main aim of Russia is to pounce on any country to try and create an Empire in these troubling times with COVID and other diseases appearing at our doorstep. The only solution is to apply pressure to Russia to stop the conflict and go home. They don’t have a chance at a normal economy anymore and Putin has destroyed his own people’s lives. Nuclear war is like you said a NO WIN situation for everyone.

      1. There is no amount of pressure you can put on Russia to end the war and go home as long as Putin is in power because Putin is delusional. The only way the war will end is if Putin is assassinated.

    5. I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s sad that the U.S. so far has backed down regardless because what does that already say about the U.S.? Theirs so much more that could have already been done to help Ukraine in my opinion. If the U.S. backs down even a little bit that says a lot about the U.S. period. If the U.S. is what it says they are then why not stand up for Ukraine now? I completely understand that it may cause issues or become worse as a result but if you think about it, a huge real war is more than like the outcome regardless in the end no matter what so why not step up for Ukraine now? World War III I believe is inevitable anyways so why not stand up now for those who are going through this massive devastation?
      Again, just my opinion!

    6. Hi, please document yourself thoroughly. It was the U.S. who first dropped two atomic bombs in Japan, namely Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As per the Russia – Ukraine war, for 20 years Russia have been telling the U.S. and NATO not to move to the Russian border after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Washington did the opposite. Because Washington NEVER signed the Treaty of Rome, it gives Washington the freedom to attack and invade any Country who disagree with U.S. Foreign Policy. Even Donald Trump said, while POTUS, that any Country who would lead the U.S. in Trade, Technology and Militarily, that Washington reserves its right to attack and invade them. If Washington ever signed the Treaty of Rome, the U.S. would had to obey the U.N. Security Council’s decision before attacking and invading unilaterally and arbitrarily any Country. The real reason for Russia to attack Ukraine (I am against the attack, fyi), it is because Ukraine has huge reserves of rare materials that are needed in different Industries. Just that you know, the U.S. Contractors of the Department of Defense (Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman among others, are the cash cow of Washington and this is what any POTUS would do, to keep enriching them. The largest stockholder of Lockheed-Martin is the former British Prime Minister’s husband. GREED IS EVERYTHING!

    7. Screw Ukraine. Not the Uke people. They’re just people like us. But per boots on the ground, @ 30% of what we send them makes it to the troops. The rest is being sold on the black market, much to our enemies. In other words, the money laundering is still “business as usual” just like it was under barry soetoro. And the Ukrainian grubberment doesn’t care how many of their own people die as long as the U$ $$$ keeps flowing in. They can’t win this war. But they can sure get a lot of their innocents slaughtered while laundering money. And that sucks

    8. And, with the mumbling IDIOT now at the wheel? No way any strong talk will come from him, UNLESS it’s AGAINST The American People!

    9. If the world is watching what USA will do, then God help them, cause we certainly won’t. No balls Biden can’t even decide what he wants for breakfast! Show that fool a blank map and he can’t even point to Russia. Neither can 25% of civil Americans! We are the most overly pompous, ignorant nation in the world, and we have an ignoramus “leading” us!

  2. Take Biden out of office put Trump back in as president Putin will back down, demacates steal and apologies for being stupid and want to blame economy on every thing else they need to look in the mirror to see what is wrong!!!

  3. john marucheau


  4. We will become familiar with the FARADAY radiation resistance which is available right now fort he last 10 years but not publicized. The main use now is for baby cribs. Even the modern room monitors are part of the lifelong culling procedure all from 5-G. Baby brain tumors called gioblastoma are at epidemic levels. The agenda of the DAVOS crowd is now being talked about openly. It has also been 10 years since FUKASHIMA disaster in Japan. The pacific fish supply has been poisoned making the OCEAN a cesspool. You only have to look at the colon malignancies and other cancers in the USA west coast from raw fish. The popularity of that product through mind manipulation is off the charts. The ATLANTIC does not have nearly the problem. The American embassies in CUBA and elsewhere were attacked with a mystery illness. EVERYTHING now is on the surface. There is so much more but start with this. The world is in trouble due to fanatical globalists since 1970 that was initiated with the first EARTH DAY.

  5. Biden won’t do anything ,our leaders are pussies to stand up to Russia,China n NK,War is never good but we can’t just sit back and wait for them to strike first.But here’s a hint to watch for,if Russia decides they wanna attack Israel you will know the last days are here,people may not believe in the bible,the antichrist etc etc but with this COVID and how things have been going with our rights,all the outpour of violence,and testing of the chip that goes in the palm or forehead,a war with Russia and Israel is one of the last signs we will see before the end. As a kid I’ve always heard horror stories about these things that are happening now,and we are finally seeing it come to pass

  6. The sick thing is we are always made to think the Russians are coming. ALL is BS to make us live under CONTROL. There can not be destruction. Disease, famine and pestulance are genocide norms of the past. WAR is always the most EVIL. Population control is the most evil. If only the death could be administered to those who cause these things. Be made to feel the fear.

    1. And all the over-the-hill Sabre Rattling, tough-talking “Bring it on” Vets get to see their grandchildren die while they and their cronies sit at the bar down at the VFW and the Legion, and watch the whole sickening thing go down on the TV while sharing a Beer and bragging about their long gone “Glory days”. I’ll take a rain check on that.

    2. yeah that’s the answer destroy the whole world. Then we would look like mars. Nobody would survive and if they did they would wish they were dead. U.S. NAVY VETERAN.

  7. Judy Ann Kandel

    all you stated is much the way I feel as well, it is beyond me why NATO is just standing by yet, all I just as many others can do is pray that those at the helm militarily and in positions of power (other than our current president) make the right decisions before it is too late, because to let Ukraine fall after they have proven they are willing to fight for their freedom is making NATO out to be worthless in what it stands for. I said it in the beginning and will again say that I believe that each member of NATO needs to assign say 3 or 4 men and send them all in to take care of Putin, and they would be sworn to never disclose who took him out, I think the Russian people would thank us. No country could be blamed for doing it. I cannot say I want our country to go to war, but we cannot go without doing all that can be done to help others in need.

  8. Russia is the enemy of the world. It always has been and always will be. If they are not stopped in the Ukraine they will continue to harass and threaten.

  9. So which 6 cities are most at risk? Off the top of my head (and there could be more than 6): Omaha, NE; New York City, NY; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, GA; Miami, FL; Chicago, IL, St Louis, MO; Wichita, KS; Phoenix, AZ; Denver, CO; Cheyenne, WY; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Juneau, AL; Honolulu, HI. How many did I get? Who did I miss? The USA is about half and half morally corrupt and morally “righteous”. Although we have some “righteous” leaders, some are weak and compromised. How will the God of Heaven judge us? What will the tipping point be? We pray for His Mercy.

  10. “stay informed”? the EMP would take down ALL forms of E-communications and power. Fat chance on this unless you have an old, shielded AM battery powered radio where you can pick up distant broadcasts from outside the effected area. .

  11. This assumes a bomb like the one that was dropped on Hiroshima is used. They have weapons now that dwarf that bomb and can do way more damage to larger regions

  12. Using the Japanese nuclear bomb as an example is ludicrous. The nuclear devices that would strike American cities would be thousands of times more powerful. Multiply your casualty figures by 10 or more and you’ll still be underestimating. I’m a Radiological Health Physicist

  13. I recall “star wars” when our President reminded Russia that we could shoot down their nuclear missiles and they backed off. We had respect and peace until Obama traveled through the world apologizing for the US.

  14. Remember “star wars” ? Russia threatened the US with nuclear war, and our President reminded them that we would shoot down their missiles. There was no war thanks to a show of strength.

  15. California and Nevada would be exposed to the air winds carrying radiation coming from the Pacific Ocean if LA or SF were bombed. Leaving many people dying from radiation as well. Although Russia has many more nuclear weapons I think all of the cities and air force bases would be nuked as well.
    You forget that Alaska being across the ocean from Russia may also be nuked a lot since our
    counter US air forces are parked there as well. Hawaii would certainly be disintegrated as well since our Navy is stationed there. China may also take advantage of this war to heave their nuclear
    arsenal at us and the world as well.
    Of course the USA would heave all her submarine weapons and US nuclear arsenal at North Korea,
    and Russia and maybe if Nukes from China are detected to them as well. Don’t forget India,
    Pakistan, Israel, and Europe will launch their weapons as well because NATO will be bombed as well.
    So the END OF THE WORLD will it be because of one nuclear bomb ON UKRAINE!!!!

  16. This whole thing of a “Nuclear War”, is insane. If we consider how many countries on our planet have nuclear weapons, we begin to see the insanity. The United Nations must begin to charge any nation that has nuclear weapons a FINE. Any country that builds, harbors, detonates, has possession of should pay this fine. All moneys (From fines) should go to building a ” United Nations Army”. All member nations must supply 10,000 military subscription persons. This army should be a PEACEFUL army ready to respond to World Wide disasters. Weather inversions, Earth Quakes, Flooding, plagues, mass starvation, meteoric impacts, etc. Mankind must look forward to interplanetary colonization. Lets not destroy our Mother Earth. Lets put the aspiration of our planet into focus. One Planet One people. “People of The Planet Earth United”. Our real enemies, Sickness, Hunger, Racism, Poverty, Lack of Education, dwindling water resources, planetary pollution. A call to the “PEOPLE OF THE PLANET EARTH”.

  17. Russia talks tough. If Russia pushes the “button” they might as well aim their missiles at themselves. Russia would be completely destroyed by the bombs coming from the US and NATO. Of course, the USA and its allies would experience catastrophic consequences as well. Putin knows that no one wins an all-out nuclear war. Many of his generals and other influential Russian individuals are not fans of launching nuclear strikes.

  18. I got news for you they’ve already taken control over the United States as China looks in the wings waiting for the right time to make the move because Biden is so weak so destructive to USA that we’re just lame duck sitting here waiting for China to make that move they already have by sending fentanyl over here to kill every American but yet the Americans over here are so blinded they know the leadership of this country is so weak they are just ready to take us over any point in time that they want we don’t even have any oil in our Federal Reserve to fight a war because President Biden has sold it all to China and putting it on the market to lower the prices to try to get a couple votes in the election as I speak right now gas prices are soaring again and he has no means to bring it down because there’s no more left in our strategic Reserve it’s sad how he’s destroying this country the man needs to go to prison he’s not a leader of the Free World he is a leader of the woke agenda I know that’s hard to hear but it’s is what it is so everybody better go out and buy a radiation suit because it’s about to happen unless we can get this man out of office immediately we cannot wait another 2 years this is what he wants he is the one that sabotage those pipelines they have footage of him saying it on the TV that they would take care of these pipelines and they would do whatever it took to do it and then they did it he wants to nuclear war he is a menace to society you better wake up people this is getting very real very fast and this is what this Administration wants to happen trust me this is where they’ve been leading our country from the very second day stepped into office why you think they doing nothing about the Fentanyl the president is only said the word one time in 2 years and people are dying every 30 seconds he don’t care about that why do you think he would care about a nuclear war people wake up wake up I don’t know how many times I can warn y’all and tell y’all you you better wake up

  19. Why do people think, that Russia’s nuclear capabilities are superior to that of NATO and if Putin threatens the Western World with the use of his nukes to win over the Ukraine, that we must immediately give in to him and back down. May be it is time we start threatening Putin by responding to his threat by mobilizing NATO’s and the Western World’s nuclear forces and let him know the immediate destruction Russia will encounter should he push the button. Or perhaps a well placed high caliber round would be more appropriate to rid mankind of a maniac with nuclear capabilities.

  20. According to our VP we are very close to North Korea and very good friends. She apparently has a problem distinguishing between borders.

  21. If this was to occur it is likely London, Berlin, Paris and other large European cities would also be hit. At that point, the combined nuclear arsenal of all NATO countries should be directed at Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. Don’t let any of these countries survive. We can survive and we will re-build the country if it takes 50 years. Not so sure Russia and Iran can re-build, and I believe the Chinese will have a change of heart after suffering such a disaster.

    God bless the United States of America

    1. Domingo Hernández

      Yo te pregunto a ti y a todos los que tienen ideas desinformadas, y piensan que esto es un capricho de Rusia, o que el mundo es como una película de Cow boy o de Rambow, tanto Rusia como los Estados Unidos obligan al mundo que se respeten sus líneas rojas, lo que no ha hecho la OTAN en el caso de Ucrania con Rusia; pero qué haría los Estados Unidos si Rusia o China intentasen colocarle armas nucleares en Cuba, en Mexico o en Venezuela o que trataran de invadir a Puerto Rico o a Alaska, les pregunto qué haría Estados Unidos, quedarse de brazos cruzados, claro que no, primero alertaría a Rusia que no lo hiciera, que no cruzara su línea roja, si Rusia lo hace, estoy seguro que no atacaría al territorio ruso, sino a Cuba, a Mexico y a Venezuela, que son los eslabones más débiles, pero pregunto también: Quién le ofreció armas y asesores militares a Yugoslavia. Irak, Afganistán o a Libia, cuando fueron atacados por varios paises de la OTAN, con un armamento muy superior al que tenían esos paises. Acaso Rusia, China, no, esos paises fueron destruidos sin defensas apenas por varios paises que los bombardearon con armas y aviones sofisticados y nadie le prestó ayuda militar, entonces Ucrania con su lider corrupto, donde se practica la doctrina nazi contra los pobladores del Donbass y otras regiones de Ucrania, merece que el mundo se vea envuelto en una tercera guerra mundial por causa de querer destruir a Rusia, cuando se está olvidando la historia de la humanidad, de que a pesar de que quieran obviarlo, fue Rusia quien fue el unico pais europeo que contuvo a Hitler en la 2da Guerra Mundial y liberó de los nazis y los campos de concentracion a miles de hombres y mujeres, cuando Francia y el Reino Unido formaron el 2do Frente en el 43 cuando ya las tropas del Ejercito rojo habian dado un viraje a favor de las fuerzas aliadas en feroces enfrentamientos y a costa de millones de vida de su pais, eso está escrito en la historia verdadera, no la inventada para educar a los alumnos ingenuos, esa es la realidad; pero la guerra en Ucrania es el resultado de intentar desestimar y subestimar a Rusia para destruir a este pais, sepan todos que eso no va suceder y si alguien lo intentase, este mundo donde vivimos se verá muy perjudicado, no sólo Rusia va a perder, perderemos todos; por eso debemos pedirle a los senadores y congresistas republicanos de los Estados Unidos, que son contrarios al Presidente Biden, que hagan todo lo posible por desestimar a toda costa las cifras millonarias que desvían para la guerra de Ucrania, las cuales son de las contribuciones de los ciudadanos norteamericanos; estamos creando con ello una posible conflagracion mundial y eso no será como en la 2da Guerra Mundial, que su campo de batalla operó sólo en Europa, en estos momentos existen medios modernos, que pueden llevar la guerra a todos los confines sin que sea necesario utilizar tropas de desembarco, ni aviones o helicopteros de combate: solamente con apretar botones rojos, comenzará la hecatombe; detener esto no está en la solucion de darle un escarmiento a Rusia o a China, cuestion que el mismo Trump en ciertta ocasion hizo mención, del peligro de que se unieran estos dos grandes, pues sí ya no sólo Rusia y China se han unido al clan contra Estados Unidos y la OTAN, ya hay que sumar a Corea del Norte y a Iran; cuidado que estamos al borde del abismo.

  22. Countries have been solving problems by killing off each other for thousands of years. The young men are the ones who are sacrificed in wars that the leaders of certain countries start. They have been deprived of the right to grow to old age and enjoy the attributes of a fruitful life.
    We are living in the 21st century, and many years have passed. There have been wonderful discoveries and inventions to improve the quality and length of life for humans and other species that exist. And yet, the ability to respect each other and try to appreciate what has been done to preserve life so far has not changed the way humans solve sociological problems between countries.
    Why do humans create destructive weapons and tactics to destroy each other? We have a beautiful world that has been provided for the living. We know of no other world that has human beings and no other place to go if what we have is destroyed. Can’t we spend more time and money searching for ways to live in peace so the innocent ones don’t have to be sacrificed?

  23. The nuclear fallout would probably kill the entire country…. But, I don’t think it would be a great loss if those shitholes were taken out.

  24. All I can say is we have departments to take care of problems like this. Only problem is we need a leader that’s willing to make the call.

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