Waco Siege – 1993

In 1990, when he took control of the Branch Davidians religious cult, David Koresh believed he was an angel with a direct channel to God. Disillusioned ex-members accused him retrospectively of offences that brought him under the intense scrutiny of the FBI, ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms), and Texan authorities. The ATF planned to arrest …

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National Bosses Day at Luby’s – 1991

Luby’s Cafeteria was a popular restaurant on US Highway 190 at Killeen, Texas, right next to America’s biggest military base, Fort Hood. The lunchtime crowd was bigger than usual with folk from Killeen’s small businesses affectionately celebrating ‘National Bosses Day’. Around 80 people were at the tables when Luby’s huge plate-glass window crashed inwards as …

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Batticaloa – 1990

The uneasy relationship between Tamils and Sinhala has persisted for centuries, with cyclical exchanges of political power effected by means including war, economic dependence and turning-a-blind-eye coexistence. Periodically, the opposition explodes in frenzied violence – at which both sides have considerable practice – without any warning. In 1990 there was just such an explosion at …

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