Top 5 Most Violent States to Live in The US

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FBI records show a 30% spike in murder rates, the highest one-year increase since the 1960s, as violent crime rates in the US have skyrocketed since 2019. However, other violent crimes like assault and crimes against property declined over the same time span.

The global coronavirus epidemic caused contentious stay-at-home orders, widespread economic concern, and other extraordinary events in 2020. The United States maintained its ranking as the 121st most peaceful nation in the world among 163 nations, according to the Institute for Economics & Peace’s Global Peace Index report.

In terms of both people and area, the U.S. is a huge nation. Because of the size and diversity of the population, different states will have different crime rates. Based on rates of violent crime between 2020 and 2022, find out which 5 states in America are the most dangerous.

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