WARNING: These 6 US Cities Might Be Underwater by 2050

New York City
Photo by IM_photo from shutterstock.com

Have you ever thought that some of our beautiful cities are more likely to be underwater by 2050? That’s crazy because it’s in less than 30 years. Experts say that this is bad news for all the people who live on the coast or plan on moving to any of these places. They say that the sea levels keep rising, which means that they might be underwater sooner or later.

Not the best joke, but if you’ve ever dreamed of living on the coast and having fun with your beach life, you might not need to wait any longer, because the coast might come to you.

As you already know, climate change is as real as it can get and is no joke. This means that sea levels keep rising while ice caps melt and hurricanes and storms keep making people’s lives a mess.

Of course, estimates vary, but experts discovered and predicted that sea levels could actually rise up to 8 feet by 2100, which might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a lot. Research says that even a foot could put different cities in danger because some parts of them might be uninhabitable due to excess water.

Without further ado, here are 6 American cities that experts say might be underwater by 2050. Click on the next page!

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