4 Ways America Might Be Destroyed by 2050

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if America didn’t exist anymore?

We all love the United States of America: it has plenty of landscapes that are breathtaking, the universities are top-notch, you can see impressive buildings and take a stroll in the most gorgeous parks in the world, take a dive in the ocean, and so many other things.

According to research, roughly 56% of American adults stated that they’re very optimistic regarding the way the country might be looking in 2050. Are you one of them?

But as many happy thoughts as they might have, there are also some things that make them unsure and scared about the future. For instance, the majority of US citizens think that income inequality will keep worsening over time, the economy will be weaker and weaker, climate change will become a huge problem for everyone, and the debt burden won’t be any easier.

And that is not all. As you already know, the United States plays a huge role in the world, but some people think that it won’t be the case anymore. Is America bound to break? Let’s take a look at what people say and see if the US is more likely to be destroyed by 2050.

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