12 Celebrity Deaths That Made 2021 Even More Devastating

Photo by Anze Furlan from shutterstock.com

This has been a year dominated (once more) with COVID-19, and we saw the virus take the lives of some celebrities like broadcast legend Larry King, country music legend Charley Pride and Darth Vader himself, Dave Prowse, to name a few. However, despite this year being all about the coronavirus pandemic, we did lose quite a few more famous faces to the sands of time, with one tragic death sparking a debate on occupational safety in the film industry.

With the recent passing of the beloved “First Lady of Television” Betty White on New Year’s Eve 2021 (just seventeen days short of her 100th birthday and planned celebrations), we thought we’d take a moment to remember 12 more Hollywood stalwart’s. Talented individuals who left their mark on the entertainment industry in some cases for over seven decades.

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1 thought on “12 Celebrity Deaths That Made 2021 Even More Devastating”

  1. the safety protocols on set are fine, they were all broken that day Halyna Hutchins died. What needs to happen is an investigation as to who brought live rounds on set.

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