10 Most Dangerous Areas in the US

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Kansas City, Missouri

Block groups established around E. 8th Street, Prospect Avenue, E. 12th Street, and Cleveland Avenue

31% of the households that were surveyed in this block group in Kansas City are living with less than $100,000 a year, which is a bit higher than 98% of U.S. block groups. As the median household income here is $20,391, residents actually tend to earn less than 97% of the block groups nationwide.

In the end, a big part of the surveyed residents wasn’t in the labor force. It’s worth mentioning that this block group has a stadium and a park. In these kinds of places, using the crime rate as a general indicator might only lead to crime overestimation, because these places are known to attract many visitors.

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10 thoughts on “10 Most Dangerous Areas in the US”

  1. It’s time to end the CIRCUS and find a REAL LEADER who can solve economic, political, and international problems!

    1. What are our economic economic problems? There’s jobs out there. Yes prices are going up but so are most everything else. If you want to blame, somebody blame the owners of companies that take huge profits and put them in their pocket blame the owners of companies that do not give benefits and blame the people that we can use to work because the job is beneath them

  2. The Marxist Liberal Social Utopia of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and KC appears to be troubled with reality of being the greatest crime centers of the US. Liberalism a “failed philosophy of emotional self indulgence and social irresponsibility” (RJL) rears its ugly head here in black and white.
    Report the truth and stun the looney liberals into reality but then they can’t deal with reality as there wrapped in their self serving world of “feel good” failed logic. RJ/L

  3. Well, I certainly would want to live in or near those areas. I do live in Wyandotte County, Kansas City, KS and I certainly agree that there are dangerous areas. Quandary and the one that was mentioned. I also agree about Kansas City, MO but I would think St. Louis and Chicago would also fit into these categories.

  4. Frederick austin

    Is it not time that we do something about the economic situation In these areas. Bring humanity back to create actual real jobs and education of real quality don’t think your cult hero and future dictator will do anything about it. A return of jobs to America and the strong return of labor unions to ensure good paying jobs with benefits . And don’t think that the greedy corporations haven’t had their hands in helping to create the city situations that are described here. Let’s stop blaming one party or the other and start to bring this country together for a really bright future . I could say alot more but this a good start

  5. Are you kidding me? Portland Oregon is on this list. There is a serious (understatement) with the intelligence level of the Mayor and City Commissioners in Portland. At one time just a few years ago Portland was #4 on the Destination cities list… last I checked we were #134. A new hire at our company (works remotely in Virginia) just told me yesterday that his wife always had the Great Northwest (specifically Portland) on their bucket list but when they scheduled their vacation this summer they scratched Portland off the list and went to Alaska and Vancouver, BC instead. Portland just announced that they have lost $1.1 BILLION in revenue in the last 12 months. What is the penalty for gross incompetence in a public office. We use to be proud of Portland and now it is a bag of slime. I actually called the Portland Police (who want to do a great job but the city has absolutely tied their hands behind their backs) when I personally watched a crazy acting homeless person (non English speaking by the way – let’s not talk about the border CRISIS) beat a brand new electric box (4’tall x 3’wide x 5′ long) with a metal pipe to try and break inside (right next to about 8 tents by the way… where I was also privileged to watch a man defecate in open pubic during the incident). The police department rep asked if anyone’s life was in danger… I said No… and she apologized and told me they didn’t have enough people power to respond. Please vacate the area. I have a great idea… let’s defund the police some more. And here is a laugh for you, Mayor Ted Wheeler was in the news trying to take credit because finally they have asked for police help to clean up downtown. What a JOKE Mayor Ted !!!!! Get out of office !!!!! I could go on and on with the incompetence of Portland’s city leaders but suffice it to say… Portland is now disgusting. Thank you City Leaders for spending our tax dollars on every marginalized community that puts their hand out… oh, yeah… Oregon ranks 46 out of 50 states in public education. Get your heads out of the sand and make a difference… that is what you were hired for… if you don’t fix this city and pay attention to the needs of those that pay the bills then the bill payers will leave. How many businesses have left already… can’t even count em all. And the ones that stay are getting such huge tax breaks to get them to stay. You want to talk about our Governor? LOL

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