6 Decisions That Destroyed Successful Companies

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Over the years, we have witnessed the rise and fall of many famous businesses. Numerous scandals, controversies and abuse of power led to a damaged reputation and a ruined image. So this article is the perfect definition of “money often costs too much.”

There have been plenty of giants on the market who seemed to have conquered it; however, sooner or later, their business decisions and approaches cost them everything (quite literally). From Motorola to Volkswagen, let’s take a close look at the companies which peaked but soon fell high from their grace.

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3 thoughts on “6 Decisions That Destroyed Successful Companies”

  1. This is a great article. It really proves honesty is the best policy. The common thread for these companies failing was greed .

  2. Motorola and Kodak sniffed around a digital segment merger but neither “Legend in Their Own Mind” could make it happen. A tragic U.S. missed opportunity

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