Will The Chinese Spy Balloon Start a War With China?

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Last week, a mysterious white orb was noticed floating above Billings, Montana. Nothing new, right? It was probably just another U.F.O., filled with extraterrestrial life catching up on earthy experiences. Except no, it wasn’t a U.F.O…….but a Chinese military surveillance balloon.

I know what you’re wondering…what has gotten into world leaders with these conflict-inducing moves, right? As expected, the sighting immediately sent politicians on high alert. In fact, everyone felt offended.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy described it as a “brazen disregard for United States sovereignty”, and the Pentagon instantly released the best fighter jets to deal with the problem. The balloon was strategically hovering over sensitive sites, such as an area housing U.S. nuclear missiles.

Mao Ning, the spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry declared that “There are no intentions to violate the territory or the airspace of any sovereign country. We are currently gathering all facts, and hope that both sides will be able to handle the matter together in a very cool-headed and prudent manner.”

Soon after, the Chinese ministry admitted the ballon was theirs. Still, it was described as a “civilian airship that was strictly used for meteorological research purposes.” Right, Chinese research…in Montana. Here’s what you need to know about this issue:

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