5 US States That Will Have EXTREME Weather This Year

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Did you notice how much hotter has the weather become in the last few years?

And the hot weather is not the only phenomenon that we have seen play out in recent years that we would have thought to be a rarity back in the day. It seems like extreme weather phenomena have been the talk of the town year after year, season after season, and when we think that something cannot get worse, it happens just like that.

Think about it! From hurricanes to extreme draughts that get accompanied by forest fires, from extreme snowstorms to an increased amount of tornadoes, there have been a lot of weather irregularities that a few years back we would have thought to be impossible.

Researchers have stopped to look at the weather charts from the 1970s to the present, and their findings are concerning. Not only have the average temperatures increased, but we have seen extreme temperatures both in winter and summer, and they fear that it will only get worse.

This is why we have taken a look at their findings and brought to you the states that have had the most extreme weather in the last few years. Take a guess about which one reigns as number 1!

Is your state on this list?

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