New York City’s in Danger! The City Is Drowning More and More Each Year!

New York City
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What is there left to do?

Even though we’ve talked about the sinking problem that made New York City a victim, this issue affects a lot more cities and it’s actually a global problem. According to different sources, approximately 99 cities in the world are more likely to be sinking victims sooner or later, and this affects both coastal and island places.

Of course, while there are natural causes that can bring a couple of cities underwater, such as sea levels that are rising and shorelines that keep changing, there are still factors that are caused by humans. These include greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, and overall global warming and let’s not forget about the most important one: over construction and coastal land.

New York City is one of the most popular places in the country and is also one of the cities with the highest number of residents, so it’s imperative for everyone to know the problems that this fantastic city has to face.

In conclusion, we can only hope that after experts spend more time checking out the problems, understanding why and how the landscape is changing, and identifying all the critique areas, they will find a way to save the people and the city from going underwater. What do you think the future of NYC is going to be like? Leave a comment down below and let us know!

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