New York City’s in Danger! The City Is Drowning More and More Each Year!

NYC flooding
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Have you ever thought that beautiful New York City might drown?

If you’ve ever wanted to leave NYC but nothing could convince you to move somewhere else, the fact that experts believe that the city might drown in a couple of years is surely something to make you consider other places.

There are 2 main reasons why the beautiful city started to sink a little by little each year. The first reason has to do with global warming and the fact that the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting more and more every single day.

The other reason, which is actually the one that was caused by people, is that all those huge skyscrapers in the city weigh a lot, and they push the city down. Basically, our beautiful and fashionable NYC is sinking under its own impressive buildings. This is what experts find out in 2023, so click on the next page and let’s see what’s going to happen in the following years:

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