8 Scariest Airport Landings That Make People Faint

Photo by GoBOb from Shutterstock

3. Leh, India

When you think of an airport that ranks No. 23 on the highest airports in the world list, you may assume it isn’t too high. Well, think again because Leh airport sits at about 10,600 feet above sea level.

With a short runway surrounded by mountains, it’s beset by pretty strong winds in the afternoon. Therefore, flights are restricted to mornings only. Also, heavy and widebody planes aren’t allowed, and all pilots landing here get special training.

4. London City, UK

Being in a plane that flies right over a big capital city to land is pretty uncommon these days, but descending into London City, you’ll bank around Canary Wharf, dive around the city’s skyscrapers, and land at such a steep angle you’ll have the feeling you’re in a helicopter. Taking off is equally fear-inducing.

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